The Author

Katara McCarty has a passion for women of all ages. As the mother of two girls, she continues her work to reveal the power women have. Katara is the founder of Fierce Movement, which inspires women to tap their truest, most powerful selves. She founded and lead The Center for Success, a network of outreach centers for kids who are at risk. She has helped lead the building of a school in Zambia, Africa for kids previously without access to any education. Her life work is to introduce women and girls to their fiercest self so they can live in the fullness of who they were born to be.

Katara has experienced the realities of being abandoned as a baby in the hospital by her parents, a bi-racial couple, and later adopted out of foster care. Growing up in an adopted home with a single African American mother forged a strength in her she needed throughout her life. As a child she endured being too white for darker girls and too dark for whiter girls when desiring friendships. She found herself never feeling good enough due to the realities that had defined her life. 

And then this book, Pretty Girl, came to her soul and in that moment she wrote it down and now shares her passion to teach girls what pretty really is. For Katara this is real and for all the little girls who will read it, her

hope is that it will help form their own belief that they are pretty enough, powerful enough, and amazingly fierce.



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